Success Stories

Solar Pumping Combined with the Grid-Tie System in Lam Dong Province

DAT has successfully installed the solar pumping combined with the grid-tie system which has 2.2 kW capacity in Lam Dong province.

DAT investment power system grid solar power

DAT system introduces the grid from solar high performance of its Imar INVT Inverter and power supply systems solar water pump controller for agriculture.

Solar Power Applications for Water Supply Pump Station in An Giang Province

The investment in DAT is 10 kW solar grid-tie system which has an output of 49 kWh, the Hoa Binh water supply pump station has significantly reduced the monthly costs for electricity.

Solar Power Systen Installation at the EVN-PECC3

DAT has installed 2 separated solar grid-tie systems for EVN-PECC3 office. One of them is fixed mounting while the other uses rotate mounting system to keep solar panels follow sun path.



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